Children’s Eyecare

Protecting your children’s vision will improve their education


Childrens Eyecare at The Village opticiansAs children’s eye care specialists, we understand just how poor vision can have a negative effect on your child’s education. A number of common and easily corrected eye conditions affect children causing many of them to disrupt lessons and struggle with simple reading and writing exercises.

Tired eyes, squints and soreness around the eyes can cause children to become disgruntled at school. These symptoms could be down to an astigmatism that our optometrist can help to correct.

Your child won’t be able to identify an eye condition so it is important that you are vigilant and look for any changes in the way they focus. Short sighted children will have difficulty focusing on the board at the front of the class while children with long sightedness struggle with reading materials.

Colour vision problems can also affect your child’s learning. It is more common amongst boys and can directly affect career choices as train drivers and pilots amongst other professions require perfect vision.

We recommend that your children have a thorough eye examination at least once every year. You should also ensure that they visit an optometrist before they start school. This will not only give you peace of mind that their vision is protected and cared for but also help them to get the very best opportunity to enjoy their education.

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