School Vision

Don’t let poor vision stand between your child and academic success 

When your child takes part in reading and writing tasks, do they lack concentration? Do they fidget and complain that words are moving around the page? Maybe your youngster’s reading is slow and disjointed.

If any of the above apply to your child it’s vital that you book for them to have a specialist SchoolVision Assessment.

SchoolVision Assessments closely examine how well your child’s eyes are working together. If there is even the slightest misalignment of the eyes, the brain can suffer from stress as it tries to realign them. It is this stress that can lead to children lacking concentration and struggling with both their academic and recreational activities.

A SchoolVision Assessment involves seven tests that measure the eye’s ability to work together and the speed at which they operate. The test will also measure light sensitivity and colour preference. Results from these specialist tests will detect any weakness in the binocular system, no matter how subtle. These weaknesses would not be able to be detected during a normal eye examination.

Once your child has completed the SchoolVision Assessment we will prescribe the perfect eyewear to realign your little one’s eyes

Poor vision doesn’t just have a big impact upon children’s education but on their confidence also. If you are concerned about your child’s vision, please don’t hesitate to book a SchoolVision Assessment with us at The Village Optician.

If you would like more information about SchoolVision Assessments, or to book an appointment for your child to see our optical expert, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01634 325660 or send us an email to