Eye Exam Snodland Kent

A thorough non-invasive eye examination can tell us so much about the health of your vision. We can detect serious eye conditions that can cause harm to your vision as well as health problems such as diabetes and hypertension.

Eye Exam Snodland Kent

Most eye conditions show no symptoms until they reach an advanced stage. Regular eye examinations every 18 months will ensure that any conditions are detected and the appropriate treatment administered before your eyesight is affected.

At The Village Opticians you’ll benefit from a range of different tests including a full visual test, a visual acuity test and an eye pressure check. To ensure that your eyesight is fully protected and analysed, Leanne will spend 40 minutes examining your vision.

We’ll then give you an in-depth analysis of your eyesight and give you all of the information and support you need to correct and protect it. If you have any questions about your eye care or you’ve noticed changes in your vision, it is important that you discuss this with Leanne.

We will help you with your choices when choosing frames ensuring that you get the right frame for you. We provide a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure that your spectacles are comfortable and in perfect working order.

NHS Eye Examinations

You are eligible for an eye examination that is paid for by the NHS if:

The Village Optician

Practice owner and optometrist Leanne Harker qualified as an optometrist in 1990. Leanne loves working in a village setting and wanted to use her optical knowledge and experience to help the local community. The practice team all live in the local area and already know many of our visitors. They are extremely friendly and will be on hand to help you in any way they can.

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