Optical Expertise,
Unique Eyewear,
Great Experience.

Frames You`ll Love Wearing

If you are looking for something different than what you will find on the high street, then these are the frames for you. We have a new world of eyewear that you wont find elsewhere. They are hand made and of the highest quality.

We will help you select your glasses from carefully chosen collections that will transform how you look and feel; they are sitting across your face after all!

You will love wearing your new glasses!! You are choosing glasses that will express your personality and be a part of your daily life.

While your eyewear should correct your vision, it should also accentuate your natural beauty and style. With so many frames to choose from it can be tricky.

That is where we ensure that you receive the very best eyewear available, that suits you and that you love. We have a wide range of sunglasses that will help you look good as well as protect your eyes from sun damage.

Our drawers are full of lovely unique frames to suit all styles. We will carefully choose the best and most suitable ones for you… Taking the headache of choosing frames away.

We will provide you with options for the best lenses. We have a range of Premium and Elite lenses that will allow you to enjoy the best vision; everything from ultra light, thin lenses, tints including transition lenses to driving glasses and varifocals.

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